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Hip Surgery

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Dr Crowley specialises in total hip replacement (approximately 150 per year) and revision hip replacement using the anterolateral approach. He uses a variety of different implants (prostheses) depending on the individual patient's anatomy and functional requirements.

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement surgery (or total hip arthroplasty) is a procedure that aims to relieve hip pain and restore function by removing and replacing the damaged bone and cartilage of the bones that meet at the hip joint. Patients need to undergo this surgery mainly due to arthritis or trauma.  

Total Hip Replacement Surgery will require anaesthesia and admission to hospital. The process involves an incision, dislocation of the hip joint and removal of the head of the femur. The acetabulum (hip socket) is also fitted with a prosthetic cup to accept the new prosthetic femoral head.

Recovery takes between six weeks and three months for most patients to regain the ability to walk and perform most daily activities. Physiotherapy treatment and light exercise are important parts of recovery and will help maintain proper strength and mobility.