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mymobility App

How it works

Dr Richard Crowley is launching the new Apple Watch App program for knee replacement patients. The mymobility mobile application uses iPhone® and Apple Watch®, or Android devices, to transform the knee replacement experience for both patient and surgeon.

The app contains personalised care plans to connect patients with their orthopaedic surgeon and health practitioners before and after a total knee replacement. The patient is provided educational content, exercises, and questionnaires to deliver information efficiently and optimise their recovery from surgery.

The Apple Watch® and iPhone can be used to monitor the patient through biometric sensors and surgeons are able to use information such as activity level, heart rate, and movements to observe the patient’s progress.

What can I expect from the mymobility experience?

After the initial consultation with Dr Richard Crowley, your individualised activities and content are presented in-app. This content is specific to where you are in your rehabilitation journey. Content may include simplified explanations of the current phase of care, video-guided exercises, and patient-reported outcome surveys which track your progress.

Reminder notifications for the day’s activities and to-do lists on the phone app and Apple Watch are designed to provide an intuitive, simple user experience. An encrypted messaging platform allows you to directly contact our practice with any questions or concerns.

Benefits of the mymobility app and program

  • Optimise your recovery from surgery with cutting edge wearable technology.
  • The mymobility companion app will guide you throughout the entire process.
  • Stay engaged in the recovery process with the Apple Watch.
  • Easy access to personalised information and resources.
  • Automatically send biometric data to keep us up to date with your rehab.
  • New level of connection between patients and their surgeons before and after surgery.

Apple Watch fulfillment program

The program includes the use of an Apple Watch® which is given to the patient free of charge for participating in the program. The watch does not need to be returned and there is no purchase cost at the end of treatment.

Please Note: The free Apple watch is only applicable to patients with an iPhone. It is not compatible with Android phones. Patients with Android phones can use the phone app from the Google Play store.

Contact us

To find out more information about the mymobility app for knee replacement, or to request an appointment with Dr Crowley, please contact us on (08) 8267 1110.